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The Aberdares is the established name of a mountain range which thrusts directly north from Nairobi for more than 100 miles. Part of the range is protected as the Aberdare National Park, awesome in its majesty and beauty with an unimaginable abundance of wildlife worth visiting. The highest point of the range is Ol Doinyo Satima at over 13,000 feet. At its maximum elevation, about 11,000 feet, strange 20-feet tall mutants of alpine plants grow in profusion. Icy rivers plunge in glorious cascades and spectacular waterfalls. The Salient thrusts a dense forest through rich farmland and is where both Treetops and the Ark are situated. The salient's origin used to lie in an elephant migration route between the two mountains. The number of visitors to the Aberdares is high in the park rankings because of the Ark and Treetops.