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Swaziland (eSwatini)

Swaziland - independent since 1968 - is one of the only three monarchies left in Africa. And proud of it! Led by His Majesty King Mswati III the nation rejoices in its traditions and is staunchly committed to safeguarding its rich culture, social and natural heritage for future generations.Few countries today can boast the safety, stability and peace which Swaziland enjoys, both internationally and with her neighbours. Visitors to the Kingdom cannot but feel and appreciate the warmth and friendliness of their hosts, a characteristic engendered by this stability, nor fail to appreciate the safety it promises to travellers. Access to Swaziland, may be made through any of twelve border posts or the centrally located Matsapha airport with all four corners of the country accessible by tarred road. The capital Mbabane, and the industrial hub of Manzini, are sophisticated business centers offering an upbeat alternative to the tranquility and sense of timeless found in more outlying areas. No matter where your travels take you within the kingdom, you will meet the courtesy, friendliness and genuine desire to help and share that make it easy to see why Swaziland claims to offer the visitor …. "The Royal Experience." Swaziland was renamed The Kingdom of eSwatini in 2018.