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Mombasa, also called Gateway to Kenya, is the country’s most historic city and largest port on Africa’s Coral Coast. Today impressive Fort Jesus still dominates the entrance to the old harbor and serves as a museum about Mombasa’s colorful past. The most exotic part of Mombasa is Old Town. Here, narrow alleys lined by mosques and cramped old houses slope down to bustling dhow harbor where pier vendors offer arts and crafts. Local cuisine includes spicy stews and game such as eland, gazelle and impala. One of the best-known restaurants is the Tamarind; it is regarded as the best in East Africa. Old Dhow Harbor is where traditional boats (dhows) load and unload goods from faraway places and nearby islands. Nyali Resort Area is a coastal stretch with white sand beaches and hotels offering resort facilities. Mamba Village is a crocodile farm where more than 10,000 crocodiles live in their natural habitat. Shimba Hills National Reserve is Kenya’s most underrated wildlife refuge.